Using our State of the Art Facilities

Nowadays, it is important, that SME companies collaborate with KET Facilities. State of the art equipment needed for optimisation and characterisation of systems/materials is quite unique and expensive. Mostly, SMEs cannot afford it or its purchase is not justified due to insufficient knowledge or usage which requires specialised knowledge.

Let’s say you want to make a component or parts? Do you want to test an application? Or do you want to evaluate your capability? Do you want to move on quick, efficient and connected with your product and service innovation?

You can benefit from the KET Facilities in the following ways:

  • Choose from a portfolio on state-of-the-art infrastructure/equipment/machines/services that the KET facility provides. No own investment on equipment needed at that point.
  • Count on the long-term experience and knowledge of the facility staff.
  • Technical support by giving the opportunity to test your concept using industrial equipment.
  • Customized service for trials, pilot testing, prototype building and evaluation.
  • Get custom technology investigations conducted

KET facilities are open access multipurpose facilities for sectors, such as 

  • Industrial Biotechnology
  • Advanced manufacturing
  • Advanced materials
  • Nano and Microelectronics
  • Nanotechnology
  • Photonics
  • Others (use the capability matching service to find the full range – link below)

There is no doubt that the collaboration between you and KET Facilities will bring value in the future. The times of working alone, isolated and in distance from above the ivory tower are behind us. That way you and KET Facilities can turn R&D into tangible investments in new sustainable industrial processes thus generating new jobs in Europe.

 Find the KET Facility for your needs using our Matching Tool. Describe your needs on a web form, look at the possible partner KET suggestions, refine by location, language, TR level etc. Make email contact and develop a project together.