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KET4CleanProduction Newsletter - Issue #9

Welcome to the new issue of KET4CleanProduction Newsletter, an edition focusing on Key Enabling Technologies (KETs) and cooperation opportunities among Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) and KET Technology Centres.
The EU-funded project KET4CleanProduction aims to help SMEs tackle their clean production challenges while being innovative, competitive and sustainable. By encouraging the use of advanced manufacturing technologies and related key enabling technologies, the production processes are expected to upgrade towards a more energy and material efficient state.

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KET4CleanProduction - Final Conference and Brokerage Event Highlights!

We are excited to share that KET4CleanProduction - Final Conference and Brokerage Event was held online on 10th June 2021. It was a full day of presentations, workshops and meetings starting all with the official launch of KET4CP platform hoping for a dynamic kick off!

More than 120 delegates from SMEs, Industry, Research Centres, Universities, as well as public authorities, Enterprise Europe Network members and other organisations had registered to attend the Conference. In parallel, participants had the opportunity to book meetings and discuss technological collaborations during the Brokerage Event.

Project results and success stories from SMEs funded under KET4CP Micro Grant scheme gave inspiration for future adventures! We were glad to have Mr. Evangelos Meles, Policy Officer, DG GROW, European Commission, for an introductory speech and welcome! Ms. Alejandra Campos, KET4CleanProduction project co-ordinator, presented the platform and the new services explaining how the project activities and results led to their development.

An article on the platform follows below. Three SMEs, KEKO Equipment Ltd. from Slovenia, AMG Technology Ltd. from Bulgaria and NEFFA Holding BV from The Netherlands, funded under KET4CP Micro Grant scheme presented their projects and the significant results they achieved in collaboration with Technology Centres. You can read more about each success story:

Success story 1. Developing a new clean manufacturing process for ceramic pressure sensors

Success story 2. Functionalized Microcantilever Sensors for Air Quality Monitoring

Success story 3. Micro scale-up and pre-feasibility study of fungal biomass for the production of textiles and textile products

Two special working sessions on “Digital production on demand” and “Industrial Biotechnology” set the tone dealing with common challenges!

Working Session 1. Digital production on demand – how additive production processes and sensorization can improve your production

In this working session, speakers and participants tried to clarify together “How additive production processes and sensorization can improve your production?” using interactive innovative methods and tools. Furthermore, leading technology centres showed the latest developments in additive production processes and the benefits by individualized production.

Working Session 2. Industrial Biotechnology- From lab to pilots in clean production

In this working session, participants had the opportunity to get to know some pilot plants partners and their stakeholders working in the bioeconomy. Virtual visits were organised to pilot plants showing how they work and what makes them unique. Use cases of SMEs working with a pilot plant during the implementation of a micro grant project were presented highlighting the benefits of a shared pilot facility.

All presentations of the event are available here:

Video of the welcome and official launch of the KET4CleanProduction platform is available here:  

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KET4CleanProduction platform is launched!

KET4CleanProduction has established a growing open innovation ecosystem that interconnects companies (especially SMEs), KET Technology Centres (KET TCs) and Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) members. It supports and promotes transnational access to Key Enabling Technologies KETs, which includes the areas of nanotechnology, photonics, advanced materials, industrial biotechnology, micro and nanoelectronics and advanced manufacturing technologies. These technologies are crucial to upgrade products, improve processes for regional innovation, open new market opportunities and guarantee global competiveness.


  • informs about opportunities for transnational collaborations of SMEs with service providers for KETs across Europe
  • serves as a matching tool linking manufacturing SMEs with Key Enabling Technology experts
  • offers a platform for SMEs to submit technology requests and find a KET TCs matching their needs.

The platform started with 20 partners from 18 EU member states and it has expanded to about 50 partners, including KET Technology Centres and EEN advisors during the project period. In May 2021, the KET4Cleanproduction platform was officially launched after more than 3 years of project implementation, in which 40 projects between SMEs and KET TCs were successfully carried out. After gaining the experience of more than 3 years of project implementation, in which 40 projects between SMEs and KET TCs were successfully carried out, the KET4CleanProduction platform was officially launched on 10th June 2021 at the KET4CP Final Conference and Brokerage Event. Join the ambitious KET4CleanProduction community and register on the platform here:

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KET4CleanProduction new services!

KET4CleanProduction launched new service offers provided by renowned technology centres across Europe to support companies in the deployment of Key Enabling Technologies (KETs) in order to increase their competitiveness and sustainability. The services include:

- Technology Access, Support and Consultancy

- Commission a custom technology report or investigation

- Study tours to investigate specific technology domains

- Using the KET4CleanProduction state-of-the-art facilities

KET4CleanProduction invites Enterprise Europe Network members to join the community

KET4CleanProduction’s ambition is to establish a growing open innovation ecosystem among KET Technology Centers (TCs) and Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) with the support of Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) partners. As our network is scaling up, more EEN members are invited to join the community. Our aim is to create a sustainable web-based platform in order to facilitate SMEs to access solutions for a more efficient, clean production and strengthen their competitiveness.

If you are EEN partner, you can promote the services of the KET4CleanProduction platform to your local manufacturing SMEs and support them increasing their competitiveness.

To support your local SMEs please join as a technology user here.

A special training for EEN partners is available here to guide you. Don’t forget to ask for your certificate, when you’re done!

Become an active member of our platform and be included on our interactive map!

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 777441

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