Medika Pro Ltd.

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Innovations for dental hygiene

Medika - clean production of medical devices

About the company and the project impact

Medika Pro Ltd. is a Hungarian start-up founded in 2017. The company has developed an easy-to-use self-measurement medical device product family for measuring the pH-level in body fluids. Its self-measuring tools are safe and easy to use in both the professional environment and in daily life. The company protected its intellectual property and won several awards, such as 1st place at the Start-up Campus Roadshow, Hungarian Design Awards, and received a seed investment.

A feasibility study revealed some technical difficulties, requiring the help of external experts. So, Medika got involved in the KET4CP project to gain access to experts who could help with sensor development, fully recyclable materials for sensor components and 3D printing.

KET Technology Advanced Materials

KET Technology Centers involved

  • Bay Zoltan Nonprofit Ltd. | Hungary

  • Hahn-Schickard-Gesellschaft für angewandte Forschung e.V | Germany

KET Technology Micro-/nano-electronics

The project developed an easy-to-use (one-click-method) self-measurement medical device product for measuring the pH-level in human body fluids (saliva, urine etc.).

Within the project, the product was prototyped in accordance with the clean production processes. The set goals of clean production and waste reduction were achieved, and the prototype of the designed product was completed. It can be operated safely and continuously. The company plans to submit a Horizon 2020 project proposal to further develop the results of the project.


Key success factors

The key success factors included the expertise and excellent technical training in KETs by the KET TCs, their extensive experience and excellent communication.

The company is extremely satisfied with the project management and KET TCs’ technical readiness. All the planned tasks were completed on time, and all the technical and other problems that arose during the project implementation were promptly solved.