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Flexible multi-source energy harvesting platform

About the company and the project impact

Koral Technologies, an R&D-intensive start-up company from Italy, is constantly developing know-how and cutting-edge solutions in advanced manufacturing, energy, aerospace, and Industry 4.0. The company has developed multi-source energy harvesting solutions for primary use in industrial environments and for powering the Internet of Things devices.

The main objective of the project within the KET4CleanProduction was the realisation of the multi-source energy harvesting device using flexible electronics. The company’s aim was not only to reduce the manufacturing costs of energy harvesting devices but also to reduce the reliance on raw materials and the generation of waste. Furthermore, this project paves the way towards flexible multi-source energy harvesting systems that can enable a series of new products and applications, e.g. in the wearable technologies sector.

KET Technology Advanced Manufacturing

KET Technology Centers involved

  • Joanneum Research | Austria

  • RISE| Sweden

KET Technology Advanced Materials

The Micro-Grant allowed the company to get access to non-standard production processes, which are scarce on the market. The realisation of a flexible electronics platform, which has required a vast integration effort, has, thus, been possible.

Despite some limitations and delays due to the pandemic, the company was able to successfully build and test the foreseen prototype. KET TCs supported the company in the technical development of its concept, and they set the basis for future collaborations. The project, which is based on switching from a standard production process to an architecture based on printed and flexible electronics, has allowed achieving a cost reduction thanks to the use of energy and cost-effective large-scale printing and flexible electronics manufacturing techniques. Furthermore, the reduction of hazardous waste and improved energy efficiency were achieved.

Key success factors

One key success factor was the exchange between the research institutions and the company to implement the client's concept in the best possible way and clarify important details. In general, the communication and exchange of content between all partners involved in the project can be considered an essential project success aspect.