Kárászy Ltd.

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Development of semi-automatic shock absorber valve pre-adjusting device (SAVAD)

About the company and the project impact

Kárászy Ltd. is one of the oldest Hungarian automotive companies, founded in 1872. In the 2000's it began producing railway shock absorbers, and by now, has specialised in the manufacture of vehicle shock absorber systems. Kárászy develops and manufactures shock absorbers for buses, trucks and railways vehicles, and sells shock absorbers systems for street and racing cars, buses, trucks, and railway.

The company has developed its own shock absorber system, with a pre-adjustable damping valve system. Without the pre-adjustment of the damping valves, the shock absorber production is slow and cumbersome. The current machine is simple and uses pneumatic and hydraulic equipment, while further adjustments need to be done manually. The manual pre-adjustment is slow and polluting, which is why Kárászy Ltd. needed help from the KET4CP pilot project in improving new semi-automatic valve pre-adjusting device (SAVAD). The SAVAD increased productivity while making the production cleaner.

KET Technology Advanced manufacturing

KET Technology Centers involved

  • Bay Zoltan | Hungary

  • Hahn-Schickard-Gesellschaft für angewandte Forschung | Germany

KET Technology Micro-/nano-electronics

With the help of the relevant KET TCs, the company has developed a new semi-automatic valve pre-adjusting device which eliminates the shortcomings of the previous machine.

The new damping valve pre-adjusting device has more precise valve adjustment, wide operating range, low maintenance, and is easy to use. More importantly, the entire production became cleaner. Several issues emerged during the project’s development, but the TCs and the SME resolved them jointly and effectively.

D_KET4CP_Success stories Form2
The semi-automatic valve pre-adjusting device ''SAVAD''
D_KET4CP_Success stories Form3
The new damping valve pre-adjusting device

Key success factors

The key success factor was the cooperation between the company and the KET TCs.

The TCs got acquainted with the system used by Kárászy, so they worked together on defining the main parameters of the SAVAD system. The essential element was the fluid and swift flow of communication between them, which facilitated the making of important decisions. In the end, this cooperation brought to life an improved system that will be used in further production of shock absorbers.