Doroti Pack Ltd.

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Improvement of the automatization of product loading processes for food industry applications (meat processing)

About the company and the project impact

Doroti Pack Ltd. is a Hungarian company specialised in the production and servicing of packaging machines. The company is focused on developing, manufacturing, producing, and selling premium-quality packaging equipment for food products. The company has also developed the Doroti labelling system and product transforming system, as a perfect completion for their machines. The company offers a solution for rapid and continuous production, aimed to improve the automation of the product loading process. The improvements in the production process helped the company provide the right solution to preserve flexibility, raise the capacity and reduce the costs of annual salaries by reducing the number of operators of the thermoforming packaging machine.

The implementation of the KET4CleanProduction pilot project helped increase the TRL level of the company, as well as the business impact.

KET Technology Advanced manufacturing

KET Technology Centers involved

  • Bay Zoltán Nonprofit Ltd. for Applied Research| Hungary

  • Leitat - Technological Center | Spain


Due to the Project, the company tackled with the challenges in the food industry.

With the help of the technology centres, the company managed to programme and implement the camera system for product detection, prototype gripper testing, resulting in meeting the food hygiene requirements. All the improvements helped the company reduce the production costs and consumption of energy during production. In essence, by upgrading its system, the company provided the best solutions for the food and dairy industry.

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Key success factors

The key success factor was the knowledge and continuous communication among the partners.

Also, the new ideas were essential to be able to, based on the tests, quickly change the CAD models. The company found it helpful that there was a contractual framework with the two KET TCs, so the tasks were clear to everyone. For the Doroti Pack, the Project was a good entry into the world of international projects. The plan is to continue that path in the future.