CHEMCOLOR Sevnica Ltd.

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Advanced Manufacturing

Novel technological solution for the manufacturing of isocyanate-free polyurethane-based coatings used for corrosion protection of various metals

About the company and the project impact

Chemcolor is a private company dedicated to the development and production of coatings for various applications. One part of the successful company product line is 1K moisture-polyurethane coating (MCPC) that contains free isocyanates. Such coatings are chemical-resistant, very flexible, UV- and weather-resistant, and have good mechanical properties. Due to their specific properties, Chemcolor can sell those paints all over the world.

The KET4CleanProduction project helped with the development of the novel technological solution for the manufacturing of isocyanate-free polyurethane-based coatings. The new technological solution reduces the number of by-products that cannot be recycled and reused in the synthesis. The new technological solution will have an impact on the reduction of total production costs, energy consumption, generation of waste (non-recyclable by-products), and pollution.

KET Technology Advanced manufacturing

KET Technology Centers involved

  • Jožef Stefan Institute | Slovenia

  • Bay Zoltán Nonprofit Ltd. for Applied Research | Hungary


Polyurethane technology is one of the most promising coating systems and is becoming the technology of choice for several end markets. The importance of optimisation of the current manufacturing process and characterisation of the prepared coating systems are two keys findings of the Project.

Due to the Project, the manufacturing process uses a reduced amount of used hazardous chemicals and can be controlled under less strict conditions. The optimised solution is also more user-friendly because it does not require such strict conditions for the application.

Key success factors

The key factors of this research were multidisciplinarity of the used methods and the know-how of the company and KET TCs.

Within the Project, the issue was studied with special laboratory equipment, which gives better insight into the mechanism of the coating formulation. Moreover, coating characterisation techniques give faster and deeper insight into the coating quality. The coating quality was tested according to the standards, which is important for the production quality confirmation.