16. January 2019

First outcomes of KET4CleanProduction Micro Grants

5 SMEs from Austria, Denmark, Hungary and Slovenia receive micro grants of EUR 50.000, teaming up with 2 leading KET-TCs transnationally and conducting a 6-month long innovation project to face clean production challenges.
1. March 2019

KET4CleanProduction – How to implement a successful RIS3 Strategy

KET4CleanProduction shares its experience on RIS3 implementation, as an example from practice, which could serve to build ideas and synergies for the successful implementation of RIS3 strategies without the need for reinventing the wheel!
1. April 2019

Call for proposals: Fourth cut-off date is 30st April 2019. Time to apply!

From June 1, 2018 until April 29, 2020, KET4CP offers SMEs the opportunity to apply for micro grants. Micro grants are granted for successfully submitted cross-border cooperation projects between SMEs and KET TCs, aimimg to integrate key enabling technologies and solve clean production challenges.