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Welcome to the forth KET4CleanProduction Newsletter, an edition focusing on Key Enabling Technologies (KETs) and cooperation opportunities among Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) and KET Technology Centres.
The EU-funded project KET4CleanProduction aims to help SMEs tackle their clean production challenges while being innovative, competitive and sustainable. By encouraging the use of advanced manufacturing technologies and related key enabling technologies, the production processes are expected to upgrade towards a more energy and material efficient state.
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Meet our Micro Grant Winners!
In the 5th cut-off date we have 7 Micro Grant Winners. Each one was granted 50.000 EUR  to work on Clean Production via key enabling technologies! These are the stories of the #MicroGrantWinners in a nutshell.
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KET4CP report
Di-Plast: Open call for industrial pilots

The use of recycled plastic material (rPM) is far behind its potential. The project Di-Plast aims to increase the uptake of rPM by making use of software-based tools. 


Di-Plast develops and implements digital tools to increase information transparency in the value chain and to support converters in purchasing and processing rPM.

Companies wishing to increase the amount of recycled materials in their processes and improve the quality in process and product by using digital tools can now participate in one of the 4 pilots of the research project Di-Plast. 


There are no costs for participating in the pilots. The application period runs until 15 December 2019. 

More information about Di-Plast: Open call for industrial pilots

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KET4CleanProduction invites research and technology organisations to register as qualified KET TCs

Our ambition is to establish a growing open innovation ecosystem among KETs Technology Centres (KET TCs) and SMEs. As of August 2019, our network is scaling up, adding further organisations that carry out applied research and innovation in key enabling technologies. Interested research and technology organisations that fulfil the criteria for a KET TC can already register on for free and offer their services to SME as of 08/2019 within the micro grant funding scheme. For a detailed guide on how to apply for the mapping see here

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KET4CP training video
Do you want to learn everything about KET4CP?
We have created a training video about the Key Enabling Technologies addressing the following points:
- why KETs are important
- the European Commission's strategy aiming to increase the exploitation of KETs in the EU and to reverse the decline in manufacturing to stimulate growth and jobs
- present the main challenges to achieve
- learn what is a KETs-based product
- learn the public or private organizations carrying out applied research and close-to-market innovation in KET
- a map of KET Technology Centres
- KET TCs services
- the main criteria for becoming KET TC
This video is a perfect tool to promote Key Enabling Technologies and inspire SMEs to reinforce their innovation capacities through the integration and usage of key enabling technologies (KETs)!
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European Circular Economy Stakeholder Platform

The Europrean Commission and the European Economic and Social Committee have developed the Europrean Circular Economy Stakeholder platform, a platform to exchange, interact, and make circular economy happen to the benefit of all.
How can you contribute?

You can use the online forms to submit content for this website (good practice, publication, event, network...)

How can you interact?

By engaging with other stakeholders on the discussion forum.

How can you stay up-to-date? By receiving the latest publications, events and announcements through the newsletter.

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10 December| Budapest, Hungary| Presentation
12 Decemeber | Riga, Latvia | Presentation
European Technological Center and State Education Development Agency

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